/ Comparing Liquidity Mining and Proof of Work

While the concept of liquidity mining has been around for a while, it has exploded in popularity after Compound launched a new mechanism to distribute its new governance token COMP to its users. As the name suggests, these users are rewarded for providing the system with liquidity (in addition to the regular yield), both to the lending and borrowing side of the market.

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/ New Release: Tor Browser Version 10.0a2 and 9.51

On June 30, the Tor Project announced updates to both the alpha and stable releases of the Tor Browser. The new releases include fixes for vulnerabilities discovered in FireFox (through an update to FireFox 68.10.0esr) as well as NoScript bug fixes (through an update to NoScript 11.0.32).

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/ The Benefits of Bitcoin

If you are new to Bitcoin, you may be wondering why you should invest in Bitcoin instead of using standard savings methods available to you through your bank. The blockchain technology behind Bitcoin creates an open, transparent system that has many advantages over a traditional banking system that you might not have considered.

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/ U.S. Senators Introduce Another Anti-Encryption Bill

U.S. Senators introduced the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act in an attempt to mandate backdoors. The bill gives the Department of Justice the ability to force companies and service providers to decrypt data upon request and bans so-called “warrant-proof” encryption.

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/ EFF & Heavyweight Legal Team Will Defend Internet Archive’s Digital Library Against Publishers

The EFF has revealed it is teaming up with law firm Durie Tangri to defend the Internet Archive against a lawsuit targeting its Open Library. According to court filings, the impending storm is shaping up to be a battle of the giants, with opposing attorneys having previously defended Google in book scanning cases and won a $1bn verdict for the RIAA against ISP Cox.

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/ Docker Images Containing Cryptojacking Malware Distributed via Docker Hub

With Docker gaining popularity as a service to package and deploy software applications, malicious actors are taking advantage of the opportunity to target exposed API endpoints and craft malware-infested images to facilitate distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and mine cryptocurrencies.

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/ Telegram to return $1.2 billion under proposed settlement with SEC

Telegram and the SEC, at odds since October over the $1.7 billion ICO for the messenger app’s blockchain project, have finally agreed on how to settle the eight-month-long court case. Having since abandoned the Telegram Open Network, Telegram, which also operates a messenger app with 400 million users, has reached an agreement with the SEC over what to do next.

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/ Wirecard Files For Insolvency After $2.1 Billion Went Missing

Wirecard AG filed for insolvency, following the arrest of its CEO amid a massive accounting scandal that left the German payment-processing firm scrambling to find over $2 billion dollars missing from its balance sheet. Wirecard management cited over-indebtedness as the reason behind the decision to seek court protection in Munich, according to a statement. The company also said it’s considering whether the insolvency proceedings should also be applied to its subsidiaries.

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/ Deribit Inverse Contracts – Calculating Profit in BTC and USD

For those who just want the PNL formulas, they are at the end along with some spreadsheets to help do the calculations for you. However it is a good idea to understand the theory underpinning them rather than just copy them down.

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/ PayPal and Venmo are reportedly planning to let users buy and sell crypto

When reached for comment, a PayPal representative told The Block: "PayPal does not comment on rumors or speculation." In terms of timing, CoinDesk reported that, according to one source, the service may become available in the next several months.

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/ Popular crypto debit cards issuer Wirecard is unable to locate $2 billion worth of cash

Wirecard AG, a German payment processor and an issuer of Crypto.com and TenX debit cards, is in trouble. The company’s auditor EY is unable to find evidence for 1.9 billion euros (over $2 billion) worth of cash balances on Wirecard’s trust accounts. Wirecard said “spurious” balances may have been provided by a third party “in order to deceive the auditor”.

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/ HDR & OKCoin Join Forces To Provide A US$150,000 Grant to Bitcoin Core Developer Amiti Uttarwar

We’re very pleased to announce that OKCoin and HDR Global Trading Limited (which owns and operates the BitMEX cryptocurrency trading platform) are each providing a US$75,000 grant, totaling US$150,000 over 12 months, to Bitcoin Core developer Amiti Uttarwar. The HDR element of the grant is based on the open-source template grant contract. As dedicated supporters of Bitcoin Core and open source development, OKCoin and BitMEX independently identified Amiti’s work as essential to the advancement of the Bitcoin network.

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