/ Crypto.com enters Bitcoin derivatives market to rival OKEx, Huobi

Crypto.com’s new exchange doesn’t shift a whole lot of volume, but it still wants to play with the big dogs. The Hong Kong-registered crypto company’s announcement today complements the rollout of a slew of new features, among them a new matching engine and order management system for its exchange, which launched last fall.

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/ BitBazaar is Exit Scamming

The BitBazaar darkweb marketplace is exit scamming, according to users of the market as well as former BitBazaar staff members. The exit scam follows an alleged hack that resulted in the theft of either $30,000 or $150,000. Some, however, doubt that a hack ever took place.

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/ The total supply of stablecoins has grown 94% since early February

The total supply of issued stablecoins has grown 94% since early February, according to The Block Research's findings. In that time, the total supply grew from $5.68 billion to $11.0 billion. During May, that figure rose from $9.6 billion to $11 billion. As shown in the chart below, the vast majority of stablecoin growth has been in the form of Tether.

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/ Deribit has partnered with Greeks.live to provide better trading experience for options traders

With an increasing demand for a professional trading App of cryptocurrency options, Bravo has decided to partner with Deribit to make its App publicly available to ALL Deribit users.

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/ Malware on the blockchain

Pwn or get pwned? I found a smart contract honeypot. This deceptive piece of code is designed to look vulnerable but lures you into giving away your money.

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/ Amazon bans police from using its facial recognition technology for the next year

The news comes just two days after IBM said it would no longer offer, develop, or research facial recognition technology, citing potential human rights and privacy abuses and research indicating facial recognition tech, despite the advances provided by artificial intelligence, remains biased along lines of age, gender, race, and ethnicity.

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/ Lettuce Encrypt, Encrypt We Must: Hobby projects change name after Let's Encrypt fires off trademark complaints

An open-source project for automating the installation of free Let's Encrypt certificates for websites built with Microsoft's ASP.NET Core framework was forced to change its name after a trademark complaint from the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

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/ German Stock Exchange Will List Bitcoin ETP

London-based ETC Group will list the first crypto exchange-traded product on Germany’s Xetra digital stock exchange this month. Traders in the United Kingdom, Italy and Austria will also be able to deal in shares of the new product.

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/ Basics of two-factor authentication with Bitwarden

Using two-factor authentication helps increase user security for websites and applications. The name refers to requiring users to utilize two separate methods of verifying their identity in order to access an account. A common definition for 2FA is that logging into a service involves something that you know, such as a password, and something that you have, such as your phone, hardware token, or other authentication code.

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/ Using this WhatsApp feature will land your phone number in Google search results

Users of WhatsApp’s Click to Chat feature could see their personal phone numbers exposed via public Google search results, according to a new discovery made by a security researcher.

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/ The Brave web browser is hijacking links, and inserting affiliate codes

Sites that Brave attaches a referrer ID to include binance.com, binance.us, coinbase.com, ledger.com and trezor.io. Searches on “bitcoin”, “btc”, “ethereum”, “eth”, “litecoin”, “ltc” or “bnb” that lead to Binance also get a referrer attached. This is all in the file suggested_sites_provider_data.cc

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/ May 2020 Report Into Cryptocurrency Exchanges (From CryptoCompare)

Derivatives volumes across all platforms soared in May. Volumes for all crypto derivatives increased 32% in May to an all-time high – totalling $602 bn. What’s more, crypto derivatives are gaining market share. Total spot volumes increased only 5% to $1.27 tn in May, which meant that derivatives represented 32% of the market, compared with 27% in April.

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