/ Moving from reCAPTCHA to hCaptcha

We recently migrated the CAPTCHA provider we use from Google's reCAPTCHA to a service provided by the independent hCaptcha.

More on Cloudflare2020-04-08

/ Atari Moving Big into Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Gaming

The digital entertainment company will launch its own Atari Token, while also stepping into the online casino business using cryptocurrencies.

More on Nederob2020-03-20

/ Retail investors ‘bought the dip’ during last week’s bitcoin crash, says Simplex

Geographically speaking, Europe accounted for 33.29% of Simplex’s purchasing volume during the period, followed by Asia (22.30%) and the U.S. (16.57%), per the statement.

More on The Block2020-03-17

/ Bitcoin price crash forces miners off network

Miners were bracing for the Bitcoin halving. This sudden market crash has knocked them for six.

More on Decrypt2020-03-16

/ LocalBitcoins seller charged with money laundering

According to the criminal complaint, 26-year-old Kenneth Rhule has been advertising in-person cash-for-bitcoin exchanges on global peer-to-peer trading platform localbitcoins.com under the username “Gimacut93”.

More on The Block2020-03-11

/ Ethereum’s strong growth shows why DeFi is a killer app

Once considered to be major competitors to Ethereum, both EOS and Tron have been slipping lately.

More on Decrypt2020-03-11

/ Tether gets into DeFi with flash loans protocol Aave

The stablecoin giant will bring new money to decentralized finance, Aave’s CEO and co-founder tells Decrypt.

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/ How Bitfinex profits from its $4.9 billion cash hoard

Bitfinex explains how Tether is a huge money driver—and why others want to cash in on the stablecoin business.

More on Decrypt2020-03-10

/ Bitcoin falls below 8,000 ahead of what is expected to be a rough day for U.S. stocks

The global markets rout continued into Monday morning following a historic weekend for stocks and commodity trading over the weekend.

More on The Block2020-03-09

/ French court recognises Bitcoin as 'money'

The ruling, the result of a dispute between Bitcoin marketplace Paymium and crypto investment firm BitSpread, could benefit the French crypto market.

More on Decrypt2020-03-06

/ Dorsey's Square Crypto puts more cash toward Bitcoin grants

Square Crypto is making it easier for developers to work on free, open-source projects that improve Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

More on Decrypt2020-03-05

/ Amendment to Special Reporting Act Passes – Cryptocurrency Now Fully Legal in South Korea

The passing of the amendment signifies the official entry of cryptocurrency trading and holding into the legal system for the South Korean government. A restructuring of the domestic blockchain industry is expected to take place as a result of this event.

More on TheNews.Asia2020-03-05