BTC $32587.33 (-5.65%) ETH $1244.64 (-2.4%) XMR $141.97 (-5.31%) XTZ $2.64 (-3.23%) FIL $21.83 (-1.52%) OMG $3.44 (-3.97%) LINK $19.68 (-0.4%) SNX $13.83 (-2.65%) ATOM $8.06 (-1.94%) OCEAN $0.52 (-9.21%) ALGO $0.50 (-1.22%) YFI $30637.29 (-6.91%) DOT $16.56 (9.27%)

/ Retail investors ‘bought the dip’ during last week’s bitcoin crash, says Simplex

Geographically speaking, Europe accounted for 33.29% of Simplex’s purchasing volume during the period, followed by Asia (22.30%) and the U.S. (16.57%), per the statement.

More on The Block2020-03-17

/ Bitcoin price crash forces miners off network

Miners were bracing for the Bitcoin halving. This sudden market crash has knocked them for six.

More on Decrypt2020-03-16

/ LocalBitcoins seller charged with money laundering

According to the criminal complaint, 26-year-old Kenneth Rhule has been advertising in-person cash-for-bitcoin exchanges on global peer-to-peer trading platform under the username “Gimacut93”.

More on The Block2020-03-11

/ Ethereum’s strong growth shows why DeFi is a killer app

Once considered to be major competitors to Ethereum, both EOS and Tron have been slipping lately.

More on Decrypt2020-03-11

/ Tether gets into DeFi with flash loans protocol Aave

The stablecoin giant will bring new money to decentralized finance, Aave’s CEO and co-founder tells Decrypt.

More on Decrypt2020-03-11

/ How Bitfinex profits from its $4.9 billion cash hoard

Bitfinex explains how Tether is a huge money driver—and why others want to cash in on the stablecoin business.

More on Decrypt2020-03-10

/ Bitcoin falls below 8,000 ahead of what is expected to be a rough day for U.S. stocks

The global markets rout continued into Monday morning following a historic weekend for stocks and commodity trading over the weekend.

More on The Block2020-03-09

/ French court recognises Bitcoin as 'money'

The ruling, the result of a dispute between Bitcoin marketplace Paymium and crypto investment firm BitSpread, could benefit the French crypto market.

More on Decrypt2020-03-06

/ Dorsey's Square Crypto puts more cash toward Bitcoin grants

Square Crypto is making it easier for developers to work on free, open-source projects that improve Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

More on Decrypt2020-03-05

/ Amendment to Special Reporting Act Passes – Cryptocurrency Now Fully Legal in South Korea

The passing of the amendment signifies the official entry of cryptocurrency trading and holding into the legal system for the South Korean government. A restructuring of the domestic blockchain industry is expected to take place as a result of this event.

More on TheNews.Asia2020-03-05

/ Cryptocurrency Bourses Win India Case Against Central Bank Curbs

Cryptocurrency exchanges scored a victory in India after the nation’s Supreme Court endorsed their stand against curbs put in place by the central bank that effectively outlawed virtual currencies in Asia’s third-largest economy.

More on Bloomberg2020-03-04

/ Cardano’s (ADA) Charles Hoskinson Announces Key Updates

..including the Byron reboot, partnership deal with the Tanzanian government, and more, according to reports on February 25, 2020.

More on BTC Manager2020-02-29

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