BTC $32378.26 (-6.72%) ETH $1240.19 (-4.7%) XMR $141.05 (-6.45%) XTZ $2.62 (-4.8%) FIL $21.81 (-2.04%) OMG $3.41 (-5.65%) LINK $19.51 (-2.5%) SNX $13.82 (-4.26%) ATOM $8.07 (-3.13%) OCEAN $0.52 (-11.43%) ALGO $0.49 (-2.35%) YFI $30586.86 (-7.9%) DOT $16.21 (6.24%)

/ Crypto exchange Bitfinex says it has repaid Tether another $100M of outstanding loan

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex claimed Friday that it had paid back another $100 million to Tether after reportedly taking out $700 million from Tether’s reserves last year.

More on The Block2020-02-28

/ The problem with prediction markets

Markets are mechanisms where people can exchange goods and services with each other. Even though all participants have only their own self-interest in mind, price discovery allows markets to efficiently allocate resources to their highest value use in society.

More on Deribit2020-02-27

/ Square sold over half a billion dollars worth of bitcoin in 2019, outpacing broader crypto exchange volume growth in Q4

Square 4Q earnings saw $178 million worth of bitcoin sold in the quarter, up ~20% from last quarter and 240% year over year

More on The Block2020-02-26

/ Canada’s central bank issues contingency plan for retail digital currency

The Bank of Canada doesn’t see the need to issue digital currency right now, but it wants to be prepared

More on The Block2020-02-26

/ Upcoming Support for Filecoin

Today, we are thrilled to announce upcoming support for the custody of Filecoin (or “FIL”). Filecoin is the reward and incentive token of the InterPlanetary File System (“IPFS”), a decentralized cloud storage network.

More on Gemini2020-02-25

/ Homeland Security unveils its Bitcoin snooper force

Homeland Security has unveiled its latest initiative to crack down on unlicensed Bitcoin businesses.

More on Decrypt2020-02-25

/ Crypto-friendly fintech firm Revolut raises $500M at a $5.5B valuation

Venture capital firm TCV led the round - an early investor in companies like Facebook and Netflix, TechCrunch reported Tuesday. Existing investors DST Global, Index Ventures and many others also participated.

More on The Block2020-02-25

/ Launch window for decentralized storage network Filecoin pushed back amid more testnet work, coronavirus concerns

Filecoin – a decentralized data storage network built on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) – has postponed its estimated launch window due to additional development and testing work, as well as the coronavirus outbreak in China

More on The Block2020-02-24

/ Seoul launches blockchain voting system March 1

The system is designed to fix the voter fraud problems that plague a similar online system used nationally in S. Korea.

More on Decrypt2020-02-24

/ Bank of England official says it is 'crucial' for central banks to consider digital currencies

The Bank of England's chief cashier and director of notes, Sarah John, has said that it is "crucial" for central banks to research digital currencies before private companies dominate the space.

More on The Block2020-02-24

/ Court extends delays to Telegram's blockchain network pending ruling

Telegram and the SEC squared off today in a much-anticipated court hearing to decide the fate of the forthcoming TON blockchain. But answers will have to wait, for now.

More on Decrypt2020-02-19

/ Peter Thiel-backed Layer1 begins mining bitcoin at its West Texas facility

Bitcoin mining startup Layer1 has started mining in its West Texas site.

More on The Block2020-02-19

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